I have met several people that seem bewildered about the kind of job that I do! Town planning isn’t just one thing, it is many, and so it can be difficult to explain exactly what it involves. In addition, a lot of town planners, like myself, will specialise in specific areas but this post should give you a general overview of what a town planner does for a living.

Urban Planner, Planning Consultant or Town Planner?

Well, they are all different names for the same thing. Millions of people are coming to urban areas around the world each day. This means that local councils have  deal with housing shortage, pollutions, water shortages, energy shortages, and lack of enough fresh food among others.

My work as a town planner revolves around these key issues and other issues such as climate change and its effect on the urban population in a bid to make urban areas more manageable and divide the existing resources among the population. My work also includes;

  • Designing new towns and urban areas in a way that there is equitable distribution of resources and minimum congestion
  • Balancing the needs of business together with the community at large with the environmental issues. This is to ensure that human activity does not lead to the degradation of the environment.
  • Protecting the areas of interest in urban centres such as historical buildings and buildings of architectural importance from damage and elimination
  • Working with authorities at the local and national levels in the formulation and implementation of urban policy
  • Ensuring that only the areas that are suitable for development are actually developed

Coffs Harbour Town Planner

My work is mainly concerned with the land development in Coffs Harbour. However, I also handle many other related issues such as traffic management, building construction, architecture,  property development, as well as social inclusion.

I work with diverse range of people on a daily basis. My work also requires me to have an eye for the finer details and think creatively for reliable solutions to town planning problems. There are always competing issues for the use of the available space. I am required (along with others) to determine the best use of land resources. This means that we have to sit at the negotiating table and bring all the interested parties to agree on the best way forward.

I love working with the community to ensure that everyone leads a comfortable life. My work involves talking a lot at community meetings and I always welcome the input of the residents. Ultimately, it gives me great satisfaction to see cities and towns developing in a way that they are able to handle increased population without excessively damaging the environment.