Urban Planning, often referred to as town planning, regional planning, city planning or even rural planning, is an exciting and varied career. In my last blog post I wrote about what it is I do on a day to day basis because it can be difficult to answer this question with just a few words. Urban Planning or Town Planning isn’t just one thing, it is many, and it is constantly evolving.  In addition, the demand for town planners is increasing, so chances are if you choose town planning as a career, you’ll have many future employment opportunities both in Australia and overseas.

Urban Planning Qualifications

To become an urban planner you need the right qualifications. This means you need to complete a tertiary level planning course. There are many tertiary education facilities in NSW that offer PIA accredited planning courses, both undergraduate and postgraduate. Once you have achieved your general planning qualification, there will be many opportunities to specialise in an area you are interested in. Just some of these speciality areas include:

  • Environmental planning
  • Sustainable development
  • Management of natural resources
  • Urban Design
  • Heritage conservation
  • Assessment of development proposals
  • Planning law
  • Transport planning
  • Major event planning
  • Regional and rural planning
  • Community development
  • Social Planning

What’s it like Being a Town Planner in Coffs Harbour?

Coffs Harbour is one of the most stunning areas in NSW, featuring glorious beaches and dramatic natural landscapes. With a community of more than 72,000 people, urban development issues such as the environment, sustainability, liveable communities and high quality urban design are a high priority. Coffs Harbour Council employs a number of planners and new opportunities come up on a regular basis. As an established Coffs Harbour Town Planner, my speciality is development applications. I work with individuals, small businesses and national developers on both small scale and multi disciplinary projects. Having been in the industry since 1998 I can say with confidence that town planning is a fantastic career that allows you to play an important part in your local community. And, it’s always interesting!